Everything you need to perform a comprehensive Statutory Audit

The Auditors' Edition of Tally.ERP 9 presents a powerful tool-in addition to Tax audit and Statutory Compliance tools-to perform Statutory Audit. This tool enables an Auditor to analyse the Books of Accounts, discover exceptions and highlight deviations.

The auditor can also generate the required Financial Statements like Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Account as per Schedule VI which needs to be submitted to the stake holders as per the format prescribed in Company's act.

Highlights of Statutory Audit Tool
  • Flexibility to compare data available in two different Companies
  • Present the data in the required format for analysis and Audit
  • Highlight specific exceptions
  • Step by Step approach to conduct various analysis to find deviations
  • Facility to apply sampling methods to filter transactions for vouching
  • Provides the facility to perform audit and provide necessary audit comments
  • Functionalities like Cut, Paste, Undo etc. have been provided to classify/re-classify any default Tally Group/Ledger Balances to prepare the required reports.
  • The Statutory Audit tool is divided into three main sections based on the usage
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