About RK Solutions RKS is a Tally Customization provider and Tally Data Integrator

Located in Chennai, India, the company is providing modular, credible, and extremely efficient solutions to clients around the world with a range of products.

We support ready-to-use standard Tally software which manages Financial Accounting, Inventory Management, and Payroll Management – Tally ERP 9, Tally Prime. We also do Tally customizations, Tally connectivity, data synchronisation, and tally product implementation.

RK Solutions assists the client in managing the intricacies of today’s technical and business environments. We offer software and web development solutions that are a highly specialized blend of domain expertise, technology skills, quality assurance, and offerings. Our software, Web solutions, and services are tailored to the needs and budget and will allow you to stay ahead of the competition in a globalized economy. We collaborate with businesses in the financial services, production, retail, and utility segments.

RK Solutions places a high value on client satisfaction. We are able to provide the best products and services to our clients and ensure continuous improvement. Our ideology is to illustrate the real value of our product offerings and services to clients. The trust is proven by the fact that we really do not give discounted prices to reach consumers, but neither do we inspire our partners to use it. Our proven record of maintaining a large client base illustrates that this trust is recognized and respected by both clients and partners.


Our goal is to provide the finest services to our clients in an attempt to acquire the most satisfaction. We focus on providing our clients with concise guidance and service that is easily understandable. We provide all solutions to clients in conformance with their requirements in order to reach the optimum level of success in the industry.


We have assembled a group of top creative developers to assist us in providing high-quality services to the clients. Our highly skilled professionals function properly at all phases of our business.


Most innovative techniques, directed by a team of skilled and creative individuals. Besides that, a range of services is readily accessible. RK Solutions has developed a reputation in the IT Business sector as a creative business associate contributing to the quality and customer satisfaction in a short span of time. RK Solutions has extensive implementation experience, including expertise, layout, innovation, development, and mentoring. We add benefits to customers by attempting to bring a deep understanding of the business methods to the desk.

Endless Possibilities Company Profile

We intend to include the finest in innovations, assistance, brands, and people, and hence establish a stream of benefits and a cheerful environment for our clients, associates, and people in the modern global economy with no limits.

We are a pioneer Enterprise solution provider that responds to the needs of clients around the world, aiding companies in improving procedures by utilising Tally Customization. R K Solutions evolves specially designed solutions that alter the way companies do business by enhancing communication and knowledge flow, improving efficiency, widening their venture to their customers, and establishing big brands.

R K Solutions is improving rapidly its software development and distribution processes by implementing standard industry techniques and quality control requirements in order to become the trusted partner for our clients in the picked domain of software and services. This focus, coupled with our emphasis on quality, differentiates R K Solutions as a key ally competent in creating profits for its clients.

We help our clients achieve their goals, improve productivity, and recognize a positive return on investment by enabling our broad technical set of skills, outstanding project planning, and diligent sight on business challenges.



R K Solutions considers its employees to be its most valuable asset. Energetic groups of tally customization specialists with diversified specialties. The R K Solutions lifestyle is established by each person’s perspectives, aspirations, and desires.


R K Solutions has over 8 years of experience in IT consulting as well as services, dealing with customers in sectors such as manufacturing, distribution, transportation, finance, and government.


We presume that our success depends on our capacity to be open and adaptable to our clients, to inspire and bonus our employees, and to revenue and gratify our business associates.


R K Solutions works to enhance its software development and distribution procedures on a regular basis by integrating industry-standard methods and quality control initiatives.


R K Solutions provides complete solutions such as consulting, strategic plan, design, advancement, mentoring, publicity, and management. R K Solutions creates value to the customers ’ experience by helping to bring a thorough overview of the business systems to the worktop.


Mr. C. Manigandan, the CEO of R K Solutions, has 25 years in the industry and 18 years of Tally experience. He spent 12 years in different roles at JL Infomatrix Limited (a major Tally solution provider).