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What distinguishes a business is more in its Genetic information than it is in its company achievements. Tally has made a clear distinction on both matters. Tally has shown up in a process that began in 1986, as it was prompted by the innovator and enthusiastic Late Shri S. S. Goenka, to its present role as India’s biggest project management software manufacturing company, upwards of two decades later.

We are a well-known Firm Solutions and Services provider with clients around the world. We enable our customers to manage their financial procedures by ramping up information and communication processes. We assist our customers by not only sharing their knowledge but also having a major effect on their suppliers and customers.

RK Solutions adheres to well-defined research methods that allow the customer to utilize the perks of Tally in the most cost-effective ways possible. RK Solutions‘ growth is based on its flexibility, customer convenience, motivation, employee praise, and content business associates.

We offer complete Tally solutions, including consultancy, styling, advancement, execution, and training, relying on our vast experience in the implementation and integration of business services in the Tally system. We boost our clients’ efficiency by having brought a comprehensive knowledge of business procedures to the desk.

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Tally forces 95 percent of Indian businesses. Tally was the first company to launch codeless software, natural language connectivity, simultaneous multiple languages abilities, and ground-breaking remote features. In terms of services, this innovation behemoth is the first one to provide free service, and spectacular terms and conditions like extra services and also no pay-per-seat changed the buying experience. Its sturdy concept of engaging consumers through a committed network of partners has tended to result in a solid alliance scheme ever since its inception.

Tally aided companies in their flawless shift from traditional manuscript accounting to reporting on the desktop; the application was a wild hit even in its initial periods, defining Tally as a searched online accounting product in an industry owned by big players like TCS, Wipro, and other leading companies.