360 Degree Data Connectivity Solutions

Using our platform transition and knowledge migration knowledge, we help organisations open up a new version of the product. We will ensure that your migration work is delivered on time, with negligible idle time and the highest end-user clarity.

Excel to Tally Data Connectivity/Converter Tool

When we speak with our clients, they commonly have questions about uploading their saved and analysed transactions into Tally ERP. They are unable to process if their accounting software doesn’t really endorse the flow of migrants from Excel to Tally. No need to worry as we have invented our super sophisticated Tally integration solution to endorse the import of your information from Excel to Tally.

SQL to Tally Data ConnectivityTool

SQL-Server is a popular Database Management System (DBMS) that is used as a backend in many ERP applications. The changing dynamics of Database management systems imply that updates are automatically revised. Tally data is easily derived and exported to an external system, or available sources can be sourced into Tally ERP 9. Data is imported and exported in the following formats: XML, SDF, and ASCII, with XML becoming the primary option.

Oracle to Tally Data Connectivity/Converter Tool

Tally is completely integrated with Innovative Fusion. ERP 9 is built to incorporate Excel, Access, SAP, Oracle, SQL, and ms foxpro, and to enable streamlined data transmission from Tally to any database management system. Ingenuity ERP is a fully-integrated business package of ERP solutions intended for businesses and organizations with elevated amounts of evolving business transition.

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