Fixed Asset Management


  • Register of Assets
  • Asset Lifecycle-From Acquisition to Disposal
  • Asset Accounting and Depreciation
  • Barcoding.
  • Maintenance scheduling and work order processing
  • Configurable.
  • Scalable to hundreds of users and millions of assets.
  • Web-based and browser-based.

Fixed asset management will have a massive effect on profits. Reducing retired assets from the massive discount can dramatically reduce company taxes and insurance premiums. Staff can quickly locate and implement investments as required, resulting in cost savings. Asset retirement and handling improve security, threat, and asset life, while investment reusability, greater reliability, and efficient sourcing end up saving cash.

RK Services Fixed Asset Management App is a browser-based and web-based Fixed Asset Registration that includes features like Asset Management, Depreciation and Asset Accounting, Maintenance, Barcoding, and Asset Lifecycle Processes.

The product is used out of the package to provide thorough Fixed Asset Management solutions, but it can also be enlarged to address the needs of huge firms and customers with more demanding needs.

Fixed Assets Input and output tax obligations will be seen in progress reports after accessing them into Tally GST. Vehicles can be retained as fixed assets by institutions, just like car purchases in tally GST. Investments with an entire life of less than a year can also be called fixed assets. For example, join a mobile purchase into Tally.

Fixed assets in tally enhance transparency into different actions like asset transfer, asset addition or disposal, asset tracking, and inventory management. Assets Rental management in Tally helps to keep track of renting data and pending investments. Fixed Assets software for small companies contributes to internal audit rental or lease assets with filled tracking information in the capital assets enrolled in tally.

Key Features: 

Fixed Asset Management Software includes the roles mentioned below. All of the following functions are completely optional:

  • All lifecycle processes are included in the asset register.
  • Procurement includes both request and PO approval.
  • Processes of Receiving and Deployment
  • Depreciation of multiple companies/currencies/books
  • Financial information includes valuation and disposal.
  • Maintenance with sensor feeds is planned.
  • Management of Services and Tasks
  • Support for barcoding and handheld scanning
  • Leases and warranties are included in the contract.
  • Management of Storage and Spares


  • Easily gain control of all corporate assets.
  • Meet compliance goals, including SOX.
  • Asset inventory can be easily analysed.
  • In one application, you can manage all asset processes.
  • Management reporting and graphical drill-down are available.
  • Receive email notifications about any event.
  • All financials and depreciation are covered.
  • Drill-down and management reporting
  • Rapid deployment at a low cost.
  • Configurable to meet any needs.