Fixed Asset Management


  • Asset Register
  • Asset Lifecycle-Procurement to Disposal
  • Depreciation and Asset Accounting
  • Barcoding
  • Planned Maintenance and work order processing
  • Configurable
  • Scalable to millions of assets and hudreds of users
  • Browser Based & Web Based

Fixed asset management can have a substantial impact on the profitability of any company. Corporate taxation and insurance can be cut substantially by removing retired assets from the depreciation schedule. Manpower is saved through easy access to the corporate asset register, enabling staff to quickly locate and deploy assets as needed. Safety, risk and asset life are optimised through correct retirement and servicing, and money is saved through asset reuse, increased reliability and effective procurement.

RK Solutions Fixed Assed Management Software is a browser based & web based also Fixed Asset Register with functions covering Asset Management, Depreciation and Asset Accounting, Maintenance, Barcoding and Asset Lifecycle Processes.

The product can be used out of the box to deliver a comperhensive solutions to Fixed Asset Managemnt and can also be extended if needed to meet the needs of large enterprises and customers with more complex requirements.


Fixed Asset Management Software includes the following functions. All functions listed are optional:-

  • Asset register includes all lifecycle processes
  • Procurement covers request and PO approval
  • Receiving and Deployment Processes
  • Multi company/currency/book depreciation
  • Financials include valuation and disposal
  • Planned Maintenance with sensor feeds
  • Service Management and Task Management
  • Barcoding and handheld scanning support
  • Contract includes leases and warranties
  • Storage and Spares Management


  • Get control of all corporate assets easily
  • Meet compliance objectives including SOX
  • Easy analysis of asset inventory
  • Cover all asset processes in one application
  • Management reporting and graphical drilldown
  • Get email notifications on any event
  • Covers all financials and depreciation
  • Management reporting and drilldown
  • Rapid deployment at minimal cost
  • Configurable to meet any requirements