Hospital/Healthcare Management

Tally-customized hospital software solutions assist health centers in invoicing and accounting management in one application. It supervises the work of the clinic, including reception, inpatient and outpatient managerial staff, bed/room distribution, Drug store Invoicing, stock and account holders, and so on.

Tally’s ERP 9 Hospital Management Module: 

  • Sushruta is a personalization module. Tally.ERP 9 is primarily designed for Hospital Administration.
  • Sushruta has a simple design to enhance the proper management of the Hospital’s actions.
  • Tally, the strong financial application, is being used in the configuration.

Main Features: 

It allocates patient information and analytical data all through the clinic to endorse effective decisions for patient safety, planning, invoicing, and so on in an error-free stream.

  • In / Out Care Management – Patient Enrollment Master with distinct auto id generation and patient file of all specifics.
  • Admission– Admission involves choosing patients from an enrolled patient roster and assigning a room/bed for the patients admitted.
  • Care / Assistance – A full capture of the patient’s overall test results, assistance, and care costs.
  • Doctor Planning – Keeps a running of a doctor’s data and specialty.
  • Room/Bed Management – Perceive the accessibility and availability of a room/bed at any moment.
  • Drug store – Pharmacy maintenance.
  • Discharge Summary- Create a Discharge Summary plan that contains all billing statements, invoice information, and the stability unpaid.
  • Clinical Reports – This allows you to enter all of the patient’s specific diagnostic specifics.



  • Doctor’s Master
  • Doctor’s Specialisation
  • Room Master
  • Bed Master
  • Treatment Master
  • Procedure Master
  • Package Master
  • Insurance Master
  • Company Master
  • Camp Master


  • Registration for OP
  • Renewal of OP.
  • Admission of Patients
  • Internet Protocol Service.
  • Service OP.
  • Master of Room Shifting
  • Summary of Discharge.
  • Discharge.
  • Bed Reservation.
  • Receipt in General.
  • Day’s End

Drug store:

  • List of prices.
  • Management of batches and expiries.
  • Inventory. 
  • Dispensary Invoicing


  • Registration.
  • Renewal of OP.
  • Admission.
  • Bed Situation.
  • Internet Protocol Service.
  • Service OP.
  • Summary of Services
  • Report on Collection.
  • Outstanding Patientwise Report.


HMS Structure is only available to Authorization users by allowing them to customise dating site control, overlords, service charge configurations, etc.