Logistics/Shipping Management

Shipping/Logistics Management is a set of applications that enable users to manage, implement, and track shipping pick-up and shipment all over different carriers. Logistics Management generates the endorse notifications needed for implementation and status planning across different locations and businesses.

As a Shipping Service, you are directly in contact with carriers, shipping agents, and infrastructure maintenance suppliers in order to just provide Freight Management solutions. Your revenues and capacity to deliver customers are influenced by the supply of space on freight airlines and ocean carriers, as well as the expenses involved with that. In a situation like this, obtaining End to End Supply Chain Visibility is crucial for gainfully achieving your clients’ demands, it’s what we aid you with.

Logistics Management, Hub Management, Procuring, and Invoicing solutions are all part of logistics. Furthermore, our suite is closely integrated with our industry-leading HCM and Financial services panels. This incorporates all essential features of your organisation to create a cohesive gathering and analysis functionality.

  • Freight Invoicing Customised
  • Unloading and loading at the port
  • Report on Non-Current Assets
  • Monthly Partying Turnover analysis
  • Monthly Equipment Spending Report on turnover