Rice Mill Management

Tally has a personalised module for this. ERP 9 is primarily designed for rice mill administration. This has been intended with a simple structure in mind to enhance the better handling of the Rice Mill. The most well-known financial application, Tally, is being used in the ERP 9 layout.


  • Masters
  • Purchase Management
  • Payment Management
  • Planning Management
  • Process Management
  • Sales Management
  • User’s Management
  • MIS Reports


  • Paddy Type
  • Tub Master
  • Grinding Machine Master
  • Bin Master
  • Packing Type
  • Weigh Bridge
  • QC Master
  • Supplier Master
  • Customer Master


  • Raw Material Inwards
  • ID for Suppliers
  • Type of Vehicle
  • Weight Discrepancy
  • Type of Paddy
  • Paddy’s Moisture
  • Carriage Inwards
  • Freight Expenses
  • Confirmation for Payment


  • Agent Commission
  • Supplier/Farmer Settlement
  • Freight Settlement


  • Tub Planning
  • Paddy Process Type
  • Batch Wise Details
  • Soaking


  • Tub Process
  • Tub Open
  • Boiling Start
  • Boiling End
  • Bed Dryer
  • ‘V’ Port Dryer
  • Grinding
  • Color Sorting


  • Market Price
  • Batch Wise
  • Type of Quantity
  • Product Variation


  • Type of Users
  • Levels of Users
  • Rights of Users


  • Buffer Stock
  • Product Wise Purchase
  • Outstanding Payables
  • Outstanding Receivables
  • Stock Statement
  • Purchase Bills Pending
  • Stock Query
  • Batch Wise Process
  • Godown Summary
  • Re-Order Status
  • Batch Summary
  • Process Analysis
  • Party Wise Analysis
  • Stock Analysis
  • Process


  • Entire business procedures are protected, from purchase to production to selling.
  • A cutting-edge cloud-based work process scheme with hierarchical authorizations.
  • Constrained purchasing regard to quality.
  • Entire production monitoring of product lines such as hollow shells and rice husk.
  • Allows for the smooth operation of numerous mills/warehouses.
  • Yield analysis is based on vendor, feedstock, and other variables to find out the optimum revenue.
  • Manufacturing consumable items are totally monitored.
  • Complete peace of mind is supplied by embedded financial reporting.
  • Assertive data from distributors.
  • The user-friendly application makes it simple to adjust.
  • Dashboard and customization options customised to the user
  • Automated notifications and miscommunication through the use of email or Text.

Business Model: 


  • The correct purchase is the main factor in the appropriate product and the best quality.
  • All kinds of purchases are backed by the apps.
  • The purchase has provided the agents in Mandali with an elongated application that enables them to dispatch the amount and rate for permission to the corporation.
  • Purchase includes a built-in approval structure.
  • Performance tests are done and documented for each great deal of raw resources depending on company variables.
  • The sampling process is duly assisted.
  • Once an acquisition order is made, the distributors are obliged to inform the firm of the truck specifics for goods receipt. This, in flip, aids in governed inner motion.


The software manages the production chain by catching device outputs with minimal human interaction.


  • The steps are the procedures that are prevalent to all goods.
  • The application is expandable and allows for mistake from certain procedures in order to extract a particular range of things.

Bulk formation: 

  • In this process, the batch size (volume), ideal yield (grain type), and input are described ( paddy type). Only one batch is operating at any particular time.
  • Only after the current batch has been done does the next batch start.
  • A single click offers comprehensive batch traceability.

Inventory Control:

The system involves characteristics for entire stock tracking and management of:

  • Paddy of different kinds is often used as a raw material.
  • Equipment in W.I.P. Completed products grain with different variants
  • All extraneous things, such as rubber roll and blister packaging.
  • As an appraisal method, the system utilises FIFO.

Order Processing: 

As business operations, the software supports multiple kinds of commands:

Mass order: 

  • This order type generally includes a large amount of a single component form. Bulk pricing is also ascertained by amount.
  • The application also allows the creation of mass systems on the market on slabs, customers, or a mixture of the two.
  • The system involves a widget that showcases the number of components that have yet to be supplied.

Dealers’ B2B orders:

  • B2B orders with numerous items listed but a lesser amount are backed by the structure.
  • In this scenario, the filling, as well as distribution organiser, as well as distribution organiser comes in very handy.

Stocking & Transmit: 

  • The platform has intelligence built in to comprehend and record the packaging necessity from the instant the sequence is joined.
  • As soon as the completed rice is acquired, the device will immediately recommend the packing material and verify its accessibility from the in-house equities in live time.
  • The system allows for various color coding for different types/sizes of gunny bags.
  • In the system, there is a delivery routing protocol that offers assertive data about the day’s alerts.
  • The shipment organizer deems the truck maximum load as well.
  • The system notifies the conveyance bureau of incipient lorries.