School Management

Tally is an advanced accounting app that is driven by a technique known as a simultaneous multi-lingual expedited innovation engine. It is simple-to-use software that is destined to simplify day-to-day corporate actions. Tally accounting helps to solve all of the problems that actual businesses are facing. All venture control objectives are managed by a single software program. Tally streamlines accounting functions like keeping records, accounts payable and receivable management, and reconciling banks.

With RK solution tally integration, customers no longer have to insert information in both software; rather, student fees can be mapped with a tally in a single tap. Our accounting web application is a full-fledged method with a great grasp on accounting tasks.

Admission Management:

The admission process is the most time-consuming, but it can be summarised with ERP for Academic Institutions. As a school ERP / college ERP service in India, it lessens the time-consuming challenge of keeping tangible paperwork by searching and linking files in the apps themselves.

  • Enquiry Registration.
  • Ranking of students.
  • Joining Fees.

Student Management:

The Schooling Institute method made the time-consuming assignment of managing student profile information simpler. The School Management ERP / College ERP module creates findings class-based, topic, division, caste, etc, and also offers the choice of publishing I-Cards, students’ proclamations, genuine certificates, and leaving certificates.

  • Enrol Student
  • Cancel Enrolment
  • Transfer Certificate
  • Search

Staff Management:

  • Create Staff
  • Assign Subject
  • Resignation
  • Search

Fees Management:

ERP for Academic Institutions is accounting software in use in schools, colleges, institutes, tutoring classes, and preschools. Fees Management System is an efficient tool as it can describe service charges for every child based on their benchmark and classification. It can publish invoices as well as provide data on outstanding debt by pupil and class.

The fees management system produces reports based on annual and weekly compilations, sectioning them element and benchmark-wise. A framework for identifying university fees is included.

  • Collect Fees
  • Class Wise Outstanding
  • Students Outstanding
  • Feetypewise Outstanding
  • Forecasting
  • Fee Rules

Class Manager:

  • Class wise Report
  • Change Division
  • Add or Remove Division
  • Import/ Export Student


  • Create Promotion List
  • Manual Promotion
  • Auto Promotion

SMS Manager:

  • Circulars to Staff
  • Class wise SMS to Parent
  • Auto SMS Configurations
  • Fee Reminder SMS

Knowledge Reporting:

  • Academic Achievements
  • Extra Curricular Achievements


Tally. ERP 9 offers an integrated payroll system that has been totally reworked to provide these payroll compliance requirements like Taxable Income, PF, and ESIC. It is able to track the dataset, completion date, and enrollment of both education and non-personnel.

  • Payslip Generation
  • Salary Paid/Payable Reports
  • TDS/PF Reports
  • Salary Setting and Approval

Transportation Management:

Transportation Management, which has been incorporated into the ERP for academic institutions, aids in the hard process of reserving fees based on paths described with pick-up and drop-off marks stipulated for every student.

  • Vehicle Management
  • Route / Trip Management
  • Student Trip Management
  • Transportation Fee

Library Management:

The library is an important factor in any academic institution, so its management is vital. The Library Management System streamlines this procedure by capturing it all, like a book title, classification, writer, year of publishing, etc, and publishing a barcode reader with a number plate on the book. The module is indeed very useful because it allows for the monitoring of library books, to be obtained, and lost/damaged, likely to result in the evasion of failures.

  • Create Books
  • Search Books
  • Issues Books
  • Return Reminders