Advanced Tally Website Interface

The Tally web interface is the primary method for day-to-day interaction with RK Solution. It is an ASPX Web application. There are at present a small number of specific implementation details which mean supported/functional platform for running the web interface. A live demo of the web interface is available.

Login requires a Username & Password and distinguishes ordinary users from administrator users(giving different rights to each). These user details and groups are maintained by RK Solutions itself; however the login is implemented using so with some customisation, many pre-existing databases can be integrated.


The front page gives an immediate view of the status of your network, grouped by user-configurable categories. Also on the front page. bodes with current outages are noted and hyperlinked, so you can easily navigate to the node status page to discover what services or nodes are affected.


The administration section (only available to designed “Administrator” users) allows configuration of a significant (and growing) portion portion of RK Solutions.

  • Users, Groups and Role – add/delete/edit users, which groups they brlong to, and which roles they have.
  • Notification-configure what events cause notifications, and to whom they are send (including escalations).
  • Add Interface-add a new interface manually, to be scanned and added to the SQL Database.
  • Delete Nodes-when a node has been decommissioned, you may wish to delete it.
  • Manage Node Categories-Categories can be created/deleted, and their contents maintained through the web interface.
  • Pre-Configured Screens
  • Third party tool to build interface
  • Third party tools for drag and drop creation of interface
  • Customisation tally web interface
  • Open databse structures permits user or third party to write web enabler.