Advanced Tally Website Interface

The Tally web interface is the main means of conversing with RK Solution on a regular basis. It’s a Web-based application written in ASPX. At the moment, there are only a few clear implementation specifics that imply a backed framework for operating the web interface. There is a live demonstration of the web browser obtainable.

Login necessitates a Username and Password and distinguishes it among normal and administrator customers. RK Solutions retains this user information and organisations; even so, the login is implemented in such a way that many pre-existing datasets can be incorporated with some personalization.

Front Page: 

A front page provides an instant overall view of your network’s condition, planned into user-configurable classifications. On the front page as well. Existing outages are mentioned and appended, allowing us to quickly traverse to the base station support site and decide which facilities or nodes are influenced.


The administration segment (accessible only to clearly defined “Administrator” clients) enables the setup of a huge proportion of RK Solutions.

  • Users, Organisations, and Work role – Add/delete/edit users, as well as the groups toward which they relate and the positions they retain.
  • Customise which activities trigger notices and to whom they are being sent (including escalations).
  • Manually enter the new interface to be digitised and provided to the SQL Server database.
  • Nodes can be removed once they’ve been taken out of service.
  • Handle Node Categories-Categories can be formed, and their components can be revised through the web browser.
  • Screens Pre-Configured
  • Interaction conception with a third-party tool
  • Third-party interface invention equipment for drag-and-drop
  • Tally web interface personalization
  • Open database structures allow users or third-party designers to generate web enablers.