Tally.ERP 9 – New Editions

Tally.ERP 9 – New Editions


From tens of users to a few hundred simultaneous users, the Diamond Edition will be available from Series B. The challenges that so many users bring into a system go far beyond the technology capabilities that will enable this user load.

With more users, the issue of manageability becomes paramount – user rights, user groups, version management (to ensure that users are using the right version of the software), provisioning a new user & disabling users and so much more – these requirements are as important as are functionality and performance. And as with the Gold Edition, this edition is unlimited multi-user. Upgrading from Silver or Gold editions is as simple as ever before – just upgrade the license.


This edition will support thousands of simultaneous users. Like the Diamond edition, more users add challenges that take center stage – over functionality. The Multi Stack Architecture (see What is Series B) will allow massive scalability – allowing you to add servers in each layer of the architecture stack to horizontally scale – and still deliver ease of management that will not require an IT department.