Auditors Edition – Key Features

Audit signifies a phase of intense planning followed by a hectic schedule. With full cognizance of its criticality, we at Tally continue to do our bit to facilitate the process by enriching Tally.ERP 9 – Auditors’ Edition with features that:

  • Ease verification and collation of data
  • Simplify the audit process with a 3-dimensional micro-analysis
  • Reflect accurate results with Professional Standards

Our aim is to continuously develop the audit tool and make it more comprehensive in terms of power, speed and accuracy; making it a MUST HAVE CAAT Tool for a practicing Chartered Accountant. Unlock the potential of Tally.ERP 9 – Auditors’ Edition and take auditing to a higher level.


  • Audit Programme
  • Audit Working Papers
  • Analytical Procedures
  • Multiple Sampling Methods including Benford Analysis
  • Schedule VI Financial Statements
  • Verification of Opening Balances, General Ledger Analysis/Scrutiny
  • Repeated Transactions
  • Periodic Payments & Receipts
  • Relative Size Factor (RSF)
  • Audit Journals
  • Checklist of Accounting Standard (AS) and Audit & Assurance Standard (AAS) compliance
  • Tax Audit – Form 3CD with Annexure, Form 3CA & Form 3CB