Prints Consecutive Page Numbers on Invoices Printed From Multi Voucher Printing

Multi-Account Printing enables the printing of the primary Books of Accounts (like the Cash and Bank Books, Account Ledgers, Sales and Purchase Registers, etc.) Outstanding Statements (like Receivables, Payables, Ledgers & Groups), Inventory Books (like Stock Items, Stock Transfer & Physical Stock Register) Day Book, Multi Voucher Printing, Multi Form 27D, Multi Form 16A, and Multi Payslip without having to select the accounts one at a time and printing them. This facilitates printing one account at a time, all accounts, or all accounts in a selected group.

At present, printing voucher from the Multi Voucher Printing option prints consecutive page numbers on vouchers based on the number of pages in the report, instead of restarting the page numbering from every voucher i.e. the page number of every voucher should start from1 and if the voucher details extend to multiple pages then the subsequent pages to be serially numbered as 2, 3, etc. Example: If the user prints Payment Vouchers having 50 pages from Multi Voucher Printing, Tally.ERP 9 prints pages Number 1 to 50 based on the Number of Pages in the report.


While printing vouchers from Multi Voucher Printing, disable the option Print Page Numbers in Report in Additional Information by selecting Alt+T: Titling in the Printing Vouchers screen Or Print the vouchers individually either from Day Book or from Respective Reports.


Resolution for the above-stated problem will be provided in Tally.ERP 9 Series B JAS (July, August, September) Release