Aggregation of Balances during Multi-Location Synchronisation

Companies having business in different locations may want to consolidate Branch Data with HO Data to find the Turnover/Outcome. To have consolidated data along with Opening Balances, users will synchronize the data from multiple locations (Branches) to the Server Company (HO).

The company’s Branches and HO may be dealing in similar Stock/Inventory or different Stocks. If all the Branches and HO are dealing in the same Stock, then there is a possibility, that you can find few/many stock items being available in all Data with stock balances. When the Data with the common stock item(s) are synchronized, instead of displaying the combined opening stock balance for similar stock items, it displays the stock balance available in the last company synchronised.

Example: ABC Company is having branches in – Mumbai, Calcutta, and Ahmedabad. It synchronises branches’ data with its Bangalore HO data. In all the data one stock Item HP –Computer is common and it has an opening balance in all the locations: Bangalore -56, Mumbai – 150, Calcutta -70, and Ahmedabad – 30. On synchronisation of Data, instead of displaying the combined balance – 306, it displays 70 as the Opening Balance (Calcutta Branch stock balance, which was synchronised at the end).

The problem of opening balance aggregation in Multi-location Synchronisation also exists for Ledger Balances.


Export the Masters manually from different locations and Import the masters with Treatment of Entries as Combined Opening Balances at the location where you want to consolidate the Data.

Note: While manual Export and Import of masters ensure that, the option Update/ Modify Opening Balances in Client & Server Rule is set to No at all Locations.


Resolution for the above-stated problem will be provided in Tally.ERP 9 Series B JAS (July, August, September) Release.