Provision to view gross salary details in pay sheet report

Payroll policies differ from company to company. Companies follow different methods for calculating Employees’ Salaries.

Example: Basic Salary on Attendance, Dearness Allowance @ 51% on Basic Salary (On specified Formula), etc.

For instance, Employee A’s Basic Salary is 10,000 per month and the same has to calculated on attendance. Before processing salary, every month the number of days present is determined. For the month of April, Employee A was present for 25 Days, and the Basic salary is calculated for 25 Days i.e. 8,333 (10000/30*25).

Currently, the Pay Sheet report displays the Pay Head wise Net Amount paid; when employees’ salary is calculated using different methods. In this report, there is no provision to view the Gross Value of Pay Heads. As per the above scenario, it shows Rs. 8,333/- earned by Employee A, however, it doesn’t show his Gross Basic Salary i.e. Rs. 10,000/-


The Employees Gross Salary details can be viewed from:

  • Single or Multiple Pay Slips by enabling the option Show Gross Salary in F12 Configuration. OR
  • Employees’ Salary Details master.


Resolution for the above-stated problem will be provided in Tally.ERP 9 Series B JAS (July, August, September) Release.