Tally Customization

Our Development Team has extensively worked on multiple Tally Customisations. We have developed some general modules that are principally needed by all business houses. Our Modules are upgraded from time to time, suiting the present company culture , accounting and state of affairs .

These Module customizations are well outlined files that are integrated to your Tally Systems. These Modules have specially created to suit specific needs within the organizational management and general accounting.

Tally can be customized to most of the customer requirements nowadays. It can be customized at the Master Level, Transactional Level, Report Level and Configuration Level.

Having 15 years of expertise in this field we made most of the Tally Customization requirements possible and successful. We have all experienced TDL Experts serving In our Team.

Tally.ERP 9 is architected to be a platform and is intended to support in-depth Customizations. Tally.ERP 9 comes with an execution Kernel, an interpreter and a development language Tally Definition Language (TDL).  Using TDL, you'll be able to enhance or modify the default behavior of Tally.ERP 9. Extend core functionality by interfacing a bespoke application facilitated by Tally.ERP 9's support for custom-engineered DLLs and XSLT.

TDL permits changes to user interface, document print outs, reports, functionalities, addition of information components and business logics. Tally.ERP 9 supports ODBC and import & export knowledge in commonplace data formats like XML & CSV. Tally.ERP 9 incorporates a SOAP listener, that helps in on-line integration and with alternative business tools.

The deceptively straightforward expertise with Tally.ERP 9 hides behind it the intense versatility its technology makes accessible to those intending to add or modify it to suit their specific needs. The subsequent examples are an illustration of this versatility:

Is Tally Customizable?

Yes. Tally is completely Customisable according to the business requirement. It can be simple or a complete end to end level also.

What are the various level of Customization?

  • It can be at a Master Level like adding fields at Accounting Ledger or Inventory Master. Later data can be sorted or retrieved based on this.
  • It can be at Transactional Level like adding additional fields at Purchase, Sales, Journal or any transactional type. Later data can be retrieved or sorted based on this.
  • Report Level customization from customizing simple reports to Complex Tally MIS reports.
  • Security Level Customization
  • Configuration Level Customization



  • Print outs that require specific columns, notes, page size; to fit pre-printed stationery
  • Documents like invoices, purchase orders with logos, specific formats, terms, and conditions
  • Additional fields to capture specific information
  • Specific security rules
  • Synchronisation with special data transformations (Purchase Order > Sales Order)


  • Add a completely new functionality - business processes and operations
  • Add extensions within Tally.ERP 9 or externally and bridge
  • Extend to the web and mobile devices, including SMS notifications

General Based Tally Customisation Modules

  • Digital Signature
  • QR Code in Invoice
  • Multi-Branch GST
  • Quotation, Sale Order Process
  • SMS, Email Messaging or Alerts
  • Advertisement scheduling
  • Automatic debit credit note
  • Inter-branch auto JV
  • Daybook Total
  • Cylinder Tracking
  • Auto Generation of Rental Shops Invoices
  • Tally document management
  • Standard Narration
  • Grid Lines in Reports
  • System Date instead of Last Voucher Date
  • Party wise Stock Item List
  • Party wise Discount
  • Empty Batch Removal
  • Delete Unused Ledger & Stock Item
  • Multi-Company Auto Ledger Creation
  • Multi-Company Auto Stock Item Creation
  • Terms & Condition in Purchase Order
  • Tally Investment
  • Tally Loan module
  • Tally Logistics
  • Tally Society
  • Tally Agro
  • Tally Building
  • Tally Standard payment

Invoice & Voucher Configuration - Tally Customisation Modules

  • Terms & Condition in Voucher
  • Item wise Party wise Discount
  • Pending Bill Details
  • Common Narration
  • Manufacturing Invoices
  • Trading Invoices
  • Tally Pre-printed Invoices
  • Tally logo print
  • Invoice for Service Industry
  • Invoice for Engineering Company
  • Invoice for the Textile Industry
  • Invoice for Footwear Industry
  • Invoice for Cell Phone Dealers
  • Invoice for Fabric Industry
  • Invoice for Mobile Retailer / Distributor
  • Invoice for Travel Agency
  • Invoice for Automobile Dealers
  • RTO Certificate
  • Automobile Sales Certificate
  • Packing List
  • Previous Selling Price of an Item in Invoice
  • Voucher No Range Filter in Multi-Account Printing
  • Automanual Voucher Numbering
  • Loading Sheet
  • Customer Wise Discount
  • Party Wise Item History
  • Tally Prefix suffix for manual number
  • Tally Currentdate

Reports - Tally Customization Modules

  • Party wise Monthly Sales Report
  • Vendor Wise Monthly Purchase Report
  • Item wise Party wise Stock Report
  • Stock Item Columnar Report
  • Sales Analysis for Group Company
  • Purchase Analysis for Group Company
  • Batch Info in Sales & Purchase Register
  • Last Sale Price in Purchase
  • Sales Man wise Analysis Report
  • Counter Sales Report
  • Sales Order Status Report
  • Bank Reconciliation Date in Ledger Voucher Rep
  • Party wise Sales Target and achievement
  • Sales man wise Sales Target & achievement
  • Party wise Cost Center Wise Columnar Report
  • Cost Center Wise Party Wise Columnar Report
  • Customer wise Stock Item Wise columnar Report
  • Salesmanwise Incentive
  • Salesmanwise Outstanding
  • Partywise Discount
  • Monthwise Outstanding

Description - Tally Customization Modules

  • Address Book
  • Advance Ledger Creation
  • Advertisement Billing Module
  • Cash Denomination Module
  • Dash Board
  • Digital Signature printing
  • Display Stock Item With MRP
  • Envelope Printing
  • Label Printing
  • Price List Import
  • QR Code Printing
  • Quote, Sale Order, Sales Module
  • Tally Barcode

Payroll Management - Tally Customization Modules

  • Employee Image in Employee Master
  • Birthday Wishes Reminder
  • Festival Wishes Reminder

Inventory Management - Tally Customization Modules

  • Stock Group wise Invoice Entry
  • Stock Group wise Invoice Printing
  • Stock Item with Part No
  • Stock Item Table with Multi Godown wise Stock
  • Easy Price Search of an Item
  • Tally Negative Stock
  • Tally Godown Transfer

Alerts & Controls - Tally Customization Modules

  • Voucher Type Security
  • Group Ledger Security
  • Stock Group Stock Item Level Security
  • Disable stock Item Name
  • Disable Ledger Name
  • Credit Control on No of Days
  • Voucher Retrival after Deleting
  • Payment Reminders via SMS
  • Payment Reminders via Email
  • Control on Selling Rate with Purchase Rate
  • Godown wise Security
  • Stock Item Duplication in Purchase & Sales
  • Voucher Expansion
  • Voucher Approval
  • Security Control
  • Voucher Authorisation


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