Paying Guest/Lodge Management

Tally has a module for customization. ERP 9 is specially formulated for Paying Guest Monitoring. This is intended for quick access to help enhance the efficient operation of the paying guest. Created in collaboration with more powerful and wealthy software, Tally. ERP 9.

It is an entire fully featured Hostel / Dormitory & Paying Guest Management Solution that is uniquely formulated for the Resident and the Owner. DHPMS is the one hostel tasks needs that enables you to collect payments online from renters while releasing tax-deductible receipts. You can also utilise the DHPMS Plus Care function to invoice your occupants for different kinds of expenses, like meals. Optional service subscriptions may also be compensated for internet by tenants.

Handling your Paying Guest in the old method is tiring. It becomes challenging to oversee numerous branches. It’s hard to keep track of each and every solitary guest payment, which can ultimately lead to payment fraud. Don’t worry, RK Solution is here to assist. Our app is designed to convert your Paying Guest into an electronic medium. Maintain all Paying Guest-related processes without complexity presently. RK Solution’s Multi-Location feature attaches your multi-branch PGs. Text, alerts, and electronic mail alerts are generated by the configurable notify the application, which enhances the efficiency of Paying Guest administration. RK Solution puts income streams, guest records, as well as other important information at your fingernails in live time.

Tally ERP 9 Customization for PAYING GUEST Management Platform includes a list.


  • Inmates Management.
  • Room Management.
  • House Keeping.
  • Tariff Master.
  • Auto Invoicing.
  • Receivables and Payables.
  • MIS Reports.


  • Inmate Master
  • Inmate PAN no and Emergency Details
  • Advance Details
  • Room Allotment
  • Billing Cycle Allotment
  • Balance Report


  • Room Category Master
  • Room Type Master
  • Room Master
  • Bed/Bunker Master
  • Room Status
  • Check Out


  • Housekeeping Staff Master
  • Activity Master
  • Activity Transaction Screen
  • Housekeeping Status Report


  • Room Type Wise Tariff Table
  • Monthly Tariff Master
  • Daily Tariff Master


  • Billing Cycle Management
  • Auto Invoice Generation
  • Statement Annexure
  • Invoice Summary


  • Inmates Outstanding Report
  • Simple Receipt Entry Screen
  • Vendors Payable Outstanding
  • Simple Purchase Entry Screen
  • Inmates Full and Final Settlement
  • Check Out