360 Degree Tally Customization Solutions 100+ Tally Customization Add-ons

RK Solutions aims at providing pertinent solutions that will help clients manage their business operations and reach their goals.

We have generally been associated with the accounting system, but in recent times we have chosen to take this knowledge perspective and adapt it to other places, and we now get a variety of solutions to help the company from the front to the backend. We use technology rationally, utilising it for the benefit of customers. As a result, we deliver clients with a choice of adaptable, expandable, integrated systems, with the choice of delegating RK Solutions only with one facet of their enterprise software necessities or them.

Businesses of all sizes have distinctive practices and business issues that can be effectively fixed with Tally ERP 9/ TallyPrime ideas. It involves building your unique business features into Tally Prime / Tally ERP 9 to take full advantage of the enormous influence that Tally provides at the top.

We have formed a few industry-specific Tally enterprise solutions that can be stretched to you and even further tailored predicated on your necessities:

  • Hotel & Restaurant Management
  • Chit Fund Management
  • Dental Clinic Management
  • Petrol Bunk Management
  • Cashew Management
  • Transport Management
  • Donor Management Software
  • Share Trading Connectivity for Tally Prime / Tally ERP 9
  • Document Management Software
  • Sales Incentive Software
  • Front Office Management Software
  • Bank Statement Auto BRS Module
  • Stock Valuation Module
  • Inter Branch Auto JV
  • Provisional Reverse Auto JV
  • Payment Performance Software
  • Sales Analysis Module
  • Attendance Import Module
  • Advertisement Scheduling & Billing Module

Web Based Interface Products School Management

An ERP to help you manage day-to-day school activities, as well as financial accounting and payroll management. Tally’s simplicity has been enlarged to create this software, which needs limited training for existing Tally users.

Admission Process Management, Student Management, Attendance and Exam Management, and other attributes are included in Educational ERP for seamless planning of an educational institution.

Tally Prime / Tally ERP 9 Academic Software & Module is used in school systems, universities, as well as other academic institutions, to preserve financial information and handle payroll. The software has an easy user interface that new Tally people can understand.

Web Based Interface Products Advanced Tally Web Interface

The Tally Prime / Tally ERP 9 web interface is the main form of engaging with RK Solution on a regular basis. It is a Web application written in ASPX. There are presently only a few detailed implementation details that imply a supported/functional framework for operating the web-based interface. There is a live demonstration of the web interface obtainable.

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